My first encounter with Asha was with the Gators for Asha chapter at University of Florida where I took part in the Gate River Run 2015 and various other fundraiser events held at the University. The spirit of Asha members and volunteers was uplifting and above all, the cause of supporting and providing education to the  underprivileged kids was what attracted me the most. I have recently joined the budding chapter of Asha Portland and hope to continue doing my part in supporting education.


In this regard, I am running the Spirit of Wipro-2017 10K run to raise funds for Asha Portland’s project – Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha. This is an institute dedicated to the ¬†education and rehabilitation of mentally challenged children in India. Please join me in this noble cause and extend your support by donating to this project. Remember, every penny counts!

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