Jay Ravi

I recently joined Asha Portland chapter after moving to Oregon. I am a software engineer by profession. The person I am today is because of the education I received. My volunteering at Asha is my way of giving back to society what I received. Education is fundamental to a child’s growth and development. Education is what makes the world move. I have been fortunate to receive it. Now, I want to help provide the next generation what they deserve. Because, when the time comes, they will not just move the world, but they will make it a better place.

I am running a 10k at the Spirit of Wipro in Portland to raise funds for Asha Portland’s project – Sandnya Sawardhan Sanstha. This past June I completed my first half marathon in Seattle. So I can say I have little bit of experience. I have also been practicing past few weeks for this event. I am all pumped and ready for this event. I have pledged to raise funds to support the differently abled children of Sandnya Sawardhan Sanstha. Help me, help them! Donations of any size will be most appreciated. 🙂

500 USD Target
108 USD Raised
10 Supporters
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